Designing Your Memorial

Explore the many unique ways to celebrate and honor a life at Meadowbrook Memory Gardens.

There are few decisions in life as personal as deciding where you wish to be permanently memorialized. After all, it is a decision that extends into the lifetimes of your children and grandchildren. Where do you wish them to go to honor your memory and share their emotions at they recover and heal from your loss? At Meadowbrook Memory Gardens, we have a variety of options to make your special resting place unique to you.

Types of Burial Options

At Meadowbrook Memory Gardens you can feel assured that we'll help you decide on the right type of burial option that will meet your particular needs and your budget.

Ground Burial

Deciding on the type of memorial property is a very personal decision. Meadowbrook Memory Gardens provides a setting where meditation, reflection, remembrance, and healing can take place.


Mausoleums allow for above ground entombment in either community buildings or specially designed family structures. At one time the advantages of mausoleum entombment were available only to royalty, the famed, or the very wealthy. Well-known mausoleums include the Taj Mahal, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and Egyptian Pyramids. Mausoleum property is now affordable to most everyone.

The mausoleum at Meadowbrook Memory Gardens is a community mausoleum with crypt spaces and cremation niche sections. Private family mausoleum property is also available. These mausoleums are individually designed, custom-built and personalized to reflect the traditions and values of the individual.

Cremation Options

Cremation niches, including those with glass front panels, are available in our mausoleum, and in our outdoor cremation Water Garden. We also provide bench, tree, and statue memorial interment of cremated remains.

Create Your Perfect Ceremony

Once you've explored the world of possibilities for burial, map out the type of ceremony that speaks to you. There's no option that's too unique. We want to make your wishes a reality.